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Human DevOps - 28th April 2024 - Bad Week, Good Week

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

When you turn up to work you have a choice.

Your choice is to enjoy the work that's put in front of you or to fight the work.

If you fight the work, then be sure you're up to the fight. Some weeks, you're just not in the shape to do the fight, so then leave it.

Here's the always-interesting John Cutler talking to Hazel Weakly about software engineering. My favourite quote from Hazel:

"Local choices move everything forward in the right direction. Can I give [people] the ability to make decisions [so] that I don't even have to check in with them? [..] That is true multiplication of not just the force, but of the system's synergy."

Let's construct a future where we don't need to fight the work.

-- Richard

Don’t Overthink It

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